Friday, August 31, 2007

OpenSER - the Open Source SIP Server

OpenSER is a mature and flexible open source SIP server (RFC3261). It can be used on systems with limitted resources as well as on carrier grade servers, scaling to up to thousands call setups per second. It is written in pure C for Unix/Linux-like systems with architecture specific optimizations to offer high performances. It is customizable, being able to feature as fast load balancer; SIP server flavours: registrar, location server, proxy server, redirect server; gateway to SMS/XMPP; or advanced VoIP application server.

I post this blog about the openser because currently I assigned to study this project. Initially, I'm on the reading of the RFC's involved in this project besides RFC3261 and I already have a list of all the RFC's I need to read and study for me to know how this VoIP really works. RFC3303 (Middlebox communication framework and Architecture), RFC3264 (SDP), RFC3323 (SIP privacy), RFC3489 (SIP-NAT), RFC3428 (SIP and SMS) and RFC3880 (CPL for internet telephony).

It's show time for me to learn this new kind of animal. lol

I try my best to give you an update to my study on this.

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