Thursday, August 30, 2007

eXtensible Open Router Platform

Several months ago I was given a task to test the functionality of the eXtensible Open Router Platform also known as XORP as a Multicast Router Platform. At the start, I did not know what are those protocols thing... then as I continue on the experiment I learned some of the multicast protocols like BGP, IGMP/MLD, OSPF, RIP, PIM and more. But I was task to do the testing more particularly on the PIM-SSM, BGP and IGMP/MLD. I was amazed with the support. I did a simulation of the multicast successfully. And I did creating a Web GUI for our needs since this project only support Command Line, and hopefully they will support WebGUI soon.

XORP is free. It is covered by a BSD-style license and is publicly available for research, development, and use.

Thank you very much Pavlin Radoslavov for all your answers to my questions. You are one of my idols.

Keep up the good work to all of the XORP developers!

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