Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zend PHP5 Certification Exam Experience

It's been almost a year since my last blog. 13 hours ago, I took my PHP 5 Certification exam. And I love the word Congratulation on the screen after I clicked the End Exam button. I will make another blog for my experience during my exam including my preparations.

I'm still waiting for the printed copy of my certification. Here is the printed copy I received right after I took the exam.

Zend already updated their PHP Yellow Pages to include my name http://zend.com/zce.php?c=ZEND006267&r=228002398

What's next? Maybe CompTIA Security+ or CompTIA Network+


simoncpu-test said...

Congrats for passing the exam! :)

Unknown said...


I will be expecting your name to be the next Zend Certified Engineer

Jundie Chan said...

Bai art congrates. You deserve it bai and keep up the good work. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Congradulations my dear on your success.

May God always give you success in life.

My dear I am also plaining to take Zend PHP5 exam. It is requested to send me any tips or material specialy sample questions if available.

I will always be greatful!

Faisal Azeem
email: faisal.baloch@gmail.com